Check out My APPS!

I have always been a curious type when it comes to tinkering around with things, this lead to my fascination with programming. Ill be honest with you, I am a slacker, I create 100’s of projects and never finish them. This is my downfall. So maybe just maybe I  might complete some of them and share them with the world. For now you can check out the latest apps I have created. Finished apps only! Or else this page would be full with junk!

Amiibo Master Free:

Fan of amiibo? Then use this amiibo Collection app. If your phone support NFC you can also scan amiibo to your device (no amiibo data is stored just place holders). The best thing is it’s free. Won’t cost you a penny and the adds are not invasive, i.e no popups. Just toolbar ads, so enjoy!